Continuing and
Higher Education

Our primary goal in developing Continuing and Higher Education materials is to provide adult students with an engaging experience that encourages thoughtful analysis to inspire action and ignite passion in their field of study.

Continuing Education

  • Developing ongoing training modules for professional development
  • Creating training assessments
  • Designing teacher training, including teacher materials for continuing education
  • Authoring instructional scripts for implementation into videos
  • Creating instructional screencast videos
  • Designing lesson plans to support instructors in their teaching of specific topics and “best practices” instructional approaches

Higher Education

  • Creating coursework content for advanced subjects, including finance, accounting, math, science, psychology, and music
  • Developing assessment content for advanced subjects for instructional milestones and high-stakes testing
  • Authoring study guides and review materials to support existing coursework content
  • Planning and developing targeted instructional design elements for online interactive learning platforms