Universal Services

The following services are available across all three of our divisions and are also available a la carte for any ongoing projects that require only a portion of these tasks. Our universal services may be utilized on a brief project that runs for just a few weeks, or a long-term project lasting a year or more. Our teams gather information up front to ensure a seamless integration with your teams in whichever portion of your workflow your needs exist.

Project Management

  • Schedule management
  • Resource planning
  • Use of JIRA and other management programs
  • Budget tracking
  • Asset tracking

Subject-matter Expert Review

  • Layers of review during development phase
  • Accuracy and plagiarism review
  • Bias and sensitivity review

Editorial Services

  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Fact-checking
  • Indexing
  • TOC creation
  • Pagination checking
  • Key entry


  • Full solve of items (with answers and any calculations worked out on paper and provided to client)
  • Reconciliation of cold-solve with existing answer keys

Meeting Facilitation

  • Item review sessions
  • Blueprinting sessions
  • Form review sessions
  • Feedback implementation sessions

Photo Research

  • Search and selection of image assets
  • Tracking of image assets


  • Comprehensive design services, including page pours and
    cover design
  • Planning layout and design of new products
  • Final files for print or as print PDFs
  • Print-to-digital conversion


  • Tech art
  • Mathematical art (graphs, tables, charts, etc.)
  • Scientific art (scientifically accurate illustrations)
  • Illustrative art for books, including cover art
  • Custom art (icons, page features, etc.)